How I work

Design Services

I provide personal design consulting, for which I charge on an hourly basis. This can be 
anything from selecting paint colors to personal shopping for furniture and accessories.
Larger design projects involve me working with my trusted group of professionals who 
are each expert in their field. For these projects my clients and I establish a price for the 
overall project upfront based on the scope of work. 

Real Estate Services

I work with both buyers and sellers to achieve their real estate goals. Whether that entails 
selling the family home after twenty years, or buying your first home ever! As a Durham 
native, born and raised, let me assist in navigating neighborhoods and use my knowledge 
to help you find or market your home. 
Are you interested in finding or creating home – maybe both? I would love to hear from 
you! Contact me to talk more about my services and how I can help you find and create a 
perfect home.