John's Woods

This was the biggest project I've ever done. The original house was built in the early 1990's. The previous owners built an addition to the back of the home which was used primarily to keep their dogs. Accessible through the two exterior style glass doors which flanked the fireplace in the middle of the house, it felt disconnected from the main house. My vision was to remove the wall which divided these two spaces in order to create one large comfortable room. While I had no problem envisioning the new space, I didn't fully grasp how enormous the project would ultimately be. What started as relatively small renovation soon became a down to the studs major undertaking!

The transitional style of the original house featured a two story foyer which was fine, but wasn't the most efficient use of space. The photos document the transformation of this otherwise useless air space into a fully functional and beautiful laundry room. The original house had a mix of maple, oak and ceramic tile flooring. I opted to replace all of the flooring with 120 year old reclaimed fumed white oak floors from Baba in Chatham County ( trust me, take a field trip. Just a 25 minute drive from Chapel Hill. It's a stunning property and mind blowing operation). The floors were definitely my favorite part of the renovation as well as the most defining feature of the home -- creating the beautiful, comfortable, barefoot home I so desired.  I am a firm believer in using as many local artisans and craftspeople as possible. The custom steel stair rail was hand crafted by Leo Gaev of Carrboro, NC. The kitchen and other cabinetry were custom made by Mike Dulude of Durham. The salvage doors and vintage hardware were from Peter's Design Works of Durham. I feel so fortunate to live in an area with so many incredibly talented people!