I'm sweet on...
The chicken panini at Toast. The spicy black bean burger and shaved ice sodas at King's Sandwich Shop. The grilled tuna melt at Parker & Otis. The perfect Cosmo and seafood risotto at Nana's. The famous BLTs at Merritt's Grill. The Thai Mussels and Fries at Kitchen. The "Nata's Chopped Salad" from my good friends at The Loop. The Cobb salad with grilled salmon at City Kitchen. The jalapeno hush puppies at Crook's Corner. The mountain of calamari atop spicy cabbage slaw at The Acme. The huevos rancheros w/ red beans and avocado at Watts Grocery Sunday Brunch!


Good People

My beautiful and talented mother Linda Kornberg at Minata. Every image in every photography project of my dear friend Lori Vrba. The unbelievably patient, kind, and talented tech genius, Neil Berman of TheONbutton. Pam Gutlon's dedication to the world of self taught artists at Outsiders Art and Collectibles. My girl Cheri Sterling, AKA, "The Hair Whisperer", at Atmosphair salon.The technicolor pooch portraits by Lisa Goldstein. The smell of ink and the beauty of real paper at Sarah Almond's Shed Letter Press. Rhonda Coleman's commitment to all things girl at Moss. The blow your doors off design talent of my not-so-local honey, Becki Griffin of Curious Details in Houston, Texas. Dana Lange's unwavering support for The Food Bank of North Carolina through her blog Less Dana, More Good!

Random Cool Places

Local Market Realty my workplace! The amazing sunflowers at the Carrboro Farmers' Market. Third Friday at Golden Belt. The warm feeling I get when I walk through the door of Flyleaf Books


The helping hands behind organizations like, Porch and Table and the Inter-Faith Council. The incredible annual fund raising events to sponsor, The Duke Cancer Patient Support Program, The Lineberger Cancer CenterSECU Family House, and Caring House

Local Honey

The sweetest finds in Durham and Chapel Hill NC

Dame Good Food!

I love Fall in North Carolina. We have been fortunate to have several back to back days of perfectly perfect crisp clear weather. The weekend was extraordinarily beautiful and called for worn out jeans, a big baggy sweater, boots, and... good food. I've been wanting to try Dame's Chicken&Waffles for over a year now. I've never had the time or patience to wait it out. But there's something about chilly Sunday mornings that makes me forget about time and work and all the things I "should be doing." So I grabbed a friend and headed downtown. Never bothering to check their hours, we ended up arriving a full hour before their doors opened! Not a problem though, because another place I've been meaning to try was right up the street, Scratch.

I am here to tell you, this town has it GOIN'ON in the food department. If you haven't made your way into either of these places, you are truly missing out!


Nothin' Could Be Finer...

THAN BEATING CAROLINA! I know, I know, it's risky business living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and showing my allegiance to arch rival, Duke - -  But it sure is fun. It's nearly impossible to explain to someone who isn't from here, the sheer joy derived from watching our two favorite ACC teams go at it. But I'll try...

You see, my Dad was a professor at Duke University for 42 years. I spent almost every Saturday of my childhood with my friends in "The Devils Den" at Wallace Wade Stadium cheering on our Blue Devils. And then when I was in college, I had the pleasure of watching my own brother on the field, as he lived out his dream of actually PLAYING for Duke. So when I married my husband David, a native Chapel Hillian and UNC graduate, I knew things were going to get ugly. Talk about a house Divided! It might be worth mentioning at this point that my husband grew up in a Catholic home and I grew up Jewish. While this detail may not seem relevant, trust me, it is. When it came time to make plans for our wedding, and we faced the challenge of deciding what type of ceremony to have and where, we plowed right through it. No problem. When we had our three children, and had to decide in which faith to raise them. No problem. But DUKE vs. UNC ? STAND BAAACK!!! 

Suffice to say, it's all in good fun and it is never dull around here during football and basketball season.

And lucky me... I was fortunate to be able to attend the DUKE-UNC game last night at Wallace Wade Stadium with my dear, Blue Devil Brother, Lew. Duke had not defeated the tarheels at home since 1988. In the nail biting, heart pounding, excruciatingly stressfull final minute of the game, Duke managed to break that 24 year curse to score the winning touchdown with 13 seconds remaining on the clock. COMPLETE PANDEMONIUM.

Yet one more reason why I absolutely love living here.

Duke came out  F I R E D  U P!

Fans Storm the field... Congratulations Blue Devils!


Thinking Outside The Block

My dear friend Pam Gutlon, of Outsiders Art and Collectibles, has been so wildly successful with her gallery on Iredell St., that she's opened up a second space just one block away in the newly renovated ADF building at 721 Broad St. in Durham. I recently stopped in to pay my friend a visit, and to my delight, ran into a couple of other dear friends. Pam's space is spectacular. And the real bonus is she's right next door to Amy Tornquist's new bakery, Hummingbird. Both of these establishments, like the women behind them, are so ridiculously cool and comfortable, you won't want to leave. Make sure to attend Pam's ongoing art openings taking place at her Iredell location.