I'm sweet on...
The chicken panini at Toast. The spicy black bean burger and shaved ice sodas at King's Sandwich Shop. The grilled tuna melt at Parker & Otis. The perfect Cosmo and seafood risotto at Nana's. The famous BLTs at Merritt's Grill. The Thai Mussels and Fries at Kitchen. The "Nata's Chopped Salad" from my good friends at The Loop. The Cobb salad with grilled salmon at City Kitchen. The jalapeno hush puppies at Crook's Corner. The mountain of calamari atop spicy cabbage slaw at The Acme. The huevos rancheros w/ red beans and avocado at Watts Grocery Sunday Brunch!


Good People

My beautiful and talented mother Linda Kornberg at Minata. Every image in every photography project of my dear friend Lori Vrba. The unbelievably patient, kind, and talented tech genius, Neil Berman of TheONbutton. Pam Gutlon's dedication to the world of self taught artists at Outsiders Art and Collectibles. My girl Cheri Sterling, AKA, "The Hair Whisperer", at Atmosphair salon.The technicolor pooch portraits by Lisa Goldstein. The smell of ink and the beauty of real paper at Sarah Almond's Shed Letter Press. Rhonda Coleman's commitment to all things girl at Moss. The blow your doors off design talent of my not-so-local honey, Becki Griffin of Curious Details in Houston, Texas. Dana Lange's unwavering support for The Food Bank of North Carolina through her blog Less Dana, More Good!

Random Cool Places

Local Market Realty my workplace! The amazing sunflowers at the Carrboro Farmers' Market. Third Friday at Golden Belt. The warm feeling I get when I walk through the door of Flyleaf Books


The helping hands behind organizations like, Porch and Table and the Inter-Faith Council. The incredible annual fund raising events to sponsor, The Duke Cancer Patient Support Program, The Lineberger Cancer CenterSECU Family House, and Caring House

Local Honey

The sweetest finds in Durham and Chapel Hill NC

Flea Market Frenzy

I've been to a lot of flea markets all over the world. When it comes to finding good stuff at a great price, it's hard to beat a good flea market fix. From The Garage in NY City, to Round Top Texas, to right here in our very own capital of Raleigh... Flea markets are great places to snag some pretty cool finds. Here are a few of my favorite things.

Fabric and cowhides at the Raleigh Flea 

 Gorgeous Glass Swizzel Sticks in Seattle

 Babydoll Heads in Roundtop, Texas

 Oh my... Love.

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. The Garage in NYC

Barware from The Garage




Talking Towels

On a recent chilly Saturday morning, I wandered into one of my favorite weekend spots, Foster's Market, in Chapel Hill. Knowing how busy this place can be on a Saturday, my plan was to dash in, grab a quick cup of coffee and a scone, and dash out. But, to my surprise and delight, within steps through the front door, my plans were completely derailed. Quietly perched on a long high top table, was the most wonderful, whimsical, charming, collection of small works of art I have seen in a very long time. And there, amidst these tiny colorful jewels, stood the tiny, colorful, jewel of a woman who created them, local artist, Eleatta Diver. The collection she refers to as "Redemption" is a collage and acrylic medium constructed from used, paint saturated paper towels which the artist collected over a period of time from her painting classes. She would instruct her students to blot their brushes on paper towels when they were wanting to change colors.  It wasn't long before she realized, the paper towels themselves were the beginnings of small works of art. Each one, telling a little story.


Sleepless in Seattle

People often ask me where I find inspiration for design. In short, the answer is " Everywhere." And more often than not, inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. On a recent trip to visit my sister in Seattle, I spent a lot of time wandering the campus of The University of Washington, where I was blown away by the creative use of materials being used on an assortment of campus buildings and dormitories. Of course, I also made my way to the famous Pike Place Market, and hit pay dirt at a variety of vintage, salvage, antiques and junk stores. Naturally, with all the amazing visual candy I encountered, it's not surprising that I truly found myself -- Sleepless in Seattle.

An on campus restaurant called "Cultivate." I love how they have blurred the lines between the inside and outside spaces by continuing the exterior wood paneling right through the glass to the inside space. The mix of concrete, wood, and steel create a warm industrial feel.

A bench made from salvage wood and steel. The unexpected use of chunky drainage rock makes an interesting textural break between the rusted steel wall of the bench and a traditional concrete sidewalk.

Check out these crazy rusted and perforated steel panels that clad the exterior surface of this dormitory!

Necessary Carb-o-loading at Pike Place market. 

Ya gotta love this guy, Harry.

A breathtaking assortment of fresh flowers

Loved this store...

Walls draped in old sheet music...

S C O R E ! 

My tiny big sis grabs 2 diet cokes for us outside the antiques market. A staple in both our diets... Oh well.

Carbs, Diet coke and some serious Retail Therapy... All around fantastic day!